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I enjoy helping parents design the co-parenting experience they want.  I love my work as a therapist and I have had the honour of working with parents and their most favourite people – their children.  My job is all about bringing a professional skill set to how families cope with stress – in this case, families adjusting to change. The best part of my work is helping parents help their children and witnessing that co-parenting can work out well, sometimes better than expected!  It is people’s sacred stories of managing change that have informed the material of Mom Days Dad Days and the Talking Tools cards

I've been working with children and families for most of my working career. I began as an Early Childhood Educator, which is all about fostering healthy development and promoting what children need from relationships to grow and develop. After working in children’s programs and facilitating parenting groups, I next  worked with children with Autism and my work involved supporting  families in their homes, through the challenges that arose with regular everyday routines and schedules.  It was through this work that I began to pay attention to the importance of holding relationships the priority through challenging behaviours.  After completing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, I have since worked with children, adults and families in different counselling settings.  At the heart of my work is the value of sharing tools….tools that help people better manage whatever the distress they are experiencing.  My work is also informed by my own lived experience with co-parenting after divorce.  Today I live with my partner and our children in a blended household.

Lara Wease


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