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Helping families talk about transitions when kids live in two homes

About the book

As a Child and Family therapist, I have listened to what children have to say about living in two homes. Mom Days Dad Days focuses on how to support children with the transitions and adjustments of a back and forth schedule. Children often name the transition day between two homes as the hardest day – missing one parent in order to be with the other - The aim of this book is to validate mixed feelings to children and to show ways for parents to support a child’s experience without misunderstanding their sometimes confusing behaviours. The challenges that arise in the story are examples that children and parents have shared in counselling sessions. This book offers parent responses that help children feel good about themselves and each of their homes without feeling confused or worried about their parents.   

 Mom Days Dad Days talking tools are a deck of  40 sentence completion cards that accompany the book. These cards offer a fun and interactive way for children to express how they feel and what they need. For parents, the cards offer a playful way for you let your child know  how much they are loved.    

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